Labfolder allows the Users to discuss research data right in Labfolder. Each Entry can be commented by using the button on the right side of the Entry header.

To comment entries, please follow the steps below:

  1. Click the little speech-bubble icon on the top right of the Entry header. 
  2. Click on the + Add a comment option lets you add a comment to an Entry. 
  3. After clicking Post, anyone who has access to the Entry can see the comment and when it was made as well as Reply to it. The Reply is also visible to anyone who has access to the Entry. 
  4. You are also able to edit (pencil icon) or delete (trashcan icon) your comment. 
  5. If you click on Resolve, the comment and all replies are deleted. 

Note: The number of comments made on an Entry is shown within the comment bubble in the Entry header.

Tip: An overview of all open comments is available in your DASHBOARD. 
1. Go to DASHBOARD. 2. See and access all Comments using the Inbox/Outbox options. 3. Click the individual comment to read it in full.