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Labregister features 4 options (available in Category view) to manage Items either individually or in bulk. This article explains these and how to apply. Please note that as soon as you have checked at least one Item, the four Item options (described in this article) will show in the upper right of the Category content screen. Checking the box in the title row of the Item table will make all Items of this Category checked. To uncheck, simply click the checked check box.

Tip: You can safely clear all checks by clicking the X in the upper left of the Category content screen, in case you have changed your mind for whatever reason.



This option allows you to make substitutions. Here is how to EDIT:

  1. Check the respective Item(s).
  2. Click EDIT.

  1. Select the Attribute to be edited.

  1. Enter the replacement value.
  2. Click SUBMIT.


Sometimes, rather than creating an Item from scratch, it is easier just creating a copy of an existing item and editing it. This is how to DUPLICATE:

  1. Check the respective Item(s).
  2. Click DUPLICATE.

  1. Enter the number of copies (e.g. '2') to be created. Please, verify your entry!
  2. Click DUPLICATE once more to execute.

  1. Edit your copies in necessary.


If, for example, an item is not available for a long time, but it is foreseeable that it will be available again, the corresponding entry can be hidden for a while. Also if you are not sure whether you may delete, hiding will be a good option. This is how to HIDE:

  1. Check the respective Item(s).
  2. Click HIDE.

  1. A pop-up explains what is going to happen.
  2. Click HIDE once more to execute.


Sometimes it is necessary to delete an item because it is either definitely no longer available, there are better alternatives or it was simply created or copied by mistake. This is how to DELETE:

  1. Check the respective Item(s).
  2. Click DELETE.

  1. A pop-up explains what is going to happen and demands to enter the word DELETE to be sure you are not accidentally doing it, because it will be final. You may still want to consider rather hiding the Item(s) at this point.
  2. Type the word DELETE and click DELETE once more to execute.

Tip: Always consider hiding the Item(s) instead or at least creating a backup of the Category before deleting!

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