Although no upper limit is configured for Labregister, we recommend employing no more than 30 Attributes to safeguard system performance.

Note: Only category Owners, Managers, and Editors can create and edit Attributes to describe Items of the respective Category.

Select whether you want to create a Category inside a Group or your private space.

Note: If your Labfolder Group prevents the creation of private content, you will only be able to create inventories inside the Group space.

  1. In the sidebar, click on the ADD CATEGORY button.

  1. Give the category a new name.

  1. Select the Attributes you want to apply by adding your own using the ADD ATTRIBUTES option.

Note: Item ID* is required by the system to work properly and will be auto-generated. It will prevent logical conflict if an item is entered more than once. Hence, it must be unique. A Name* is also mandatory, since for the purpose of linking into Labfolder Entries, Items are found by their name. It is advisable to add discriminating information to the Name to facilitate seamless finding and referencing of items.
  1. Select an Attribute name, an Attribute type, check when mandatory.

Note: Because mandatory Attributes must be filled, it ought to be carefully considered which ones to create in this way. If, for example, you create "stock" as mandatory, a value must always be entered, even if an item is created with uncertainty about stock status and you would hence rather leave it void for the time being.
  1. And finally SAVE.

  1. When done assining Attributes, click on Floppy Disk symbol to finish.

Note: The asterisk * after the Attribute name is indicating that using is mandatory.