Item table options

Modified on Fri, 08 Jul 2022 at 01:02 PM

The table view of the Items of a Labregister Category can be customised by the options described below. These options are available for each column and accessible by the respective V icon in the column head. The table view will automatically reset when leaving a Category.

Note: To learn about options concerning the Items themselves, read the Item options article, please.


Item table options

Freeze Colums

This option allows to make a column sticky: It will keep its position when scrolling sideways, thus allowing to search for (other) attributes without losing sight of the Item ID, for example.

Resize by content

While the width of a column can be changed by dragging and dropping a special icon that is becoming visible between the columns on mouse-over, this option – aka "optimal column width" in spreadsheet programmes – allows to reset table colums to optimal width.

Sort ascending / descending

This option allows for a combination of ascendingly or descendingly sorted columns. Prioritisation results directly from the sequence of selection. A green arrow with a number in the respective column indicates the priority of the respective sort.

Tip: To sort by a column at a time, simply click on the corresponding column head. The green arrow without a number indicates that the sort is not combinatorial. Keep clicking the same table head to alternate between ascending and descending sort. Clicking on another column head removes the previous individual or even combinatorial sort.

Remove sort

This option is meant for removing a sort from a combination, as shown in the screencast above.

Hide column

The purpose-related overview of a table can be significantly increased if individual columns can be hidden while irrelevant in a given context.

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