Labregister features seven pre-configured Attribute types to choose from:

  1. Barcode will be generated from either the Item ID or from scanned or typed in barcodes.

  1. Date is accepting a calendar date. If the desired date is not immediately accepted, first take the proposed and then change this to the desired one.
  2. Dropdown (with at least two freely definable values) will be created.
  3. Hyperlink will be created from a web address entered. This is meant for linking resources, repositories, and references. An alternative text, however, is currently not possible.
  4. Long text is meant for really verbose descriptions of over 200 characters. Usually "Short text" is long enough.
  5. Number is accepting numerical values only. No units, etc. Values with units will be "Short text".
  6. Short text is the default input field for text or alpha-numeric entries for up to 200 characters.