Setting up a Group-wide Entry metadata system

Modified on Fri, 25 Nov 2022 at 01:19 PM

The Entry header in Labfolder contains all relevant metadata of the Entry (Unique ID, Project, Title, Author, Timestamps, Tags). While the Entry ID, Project, author and dates of creation and modification are predefined upon Entry creation, the Entry title, custom dates and tags can be customized by the Entry author.

In a Labfolder Group context, it is highly recommended to

  1. fill in the customizable metadata fields in the Entry header.
  2. … have a common system for their format.

This will simplify data retrieval using the Notebook filter and Advanced Search as all Labfolder Group members know what keywords to look for and support collaborative work on Projects.

Tip: You may want to read the other articles on standardizing data collection and organizing in Labforlder Groups also.

  1. Entry titles

Entry titles should be as descriptive as possible to allow for quick recognition of the contents of the experiment.

Examples of Entry titles:

  1. Experimentalist's Initials-Experiment number-Experiment description | ML-E01-Primary microglia culture-Western Blot GPNMB
  2. Experimentalist's Initials-Date [YYYY/MM/DD]-Project number-Experiment number | JL-2022/09/28-P01-E01
  3. Product Code-Inspection Lot-Run # | 014-10000185876-R01

Note: A common Entry naming system in your Labfolder Group will simplify referencing your own and your colleagues Entries, as you know what title to search for within the Entry referencing tool.

  1. Custom dates and Tags

Custom dates can be used to indicate important steps in experiments (e. g. experiment start; treatment day; cell culture initiation; deadline etc.). Tags can be unique identifiers of experimental techniques, samples or other experimental details. Additionally, tags such as "in progress", "finished" or "to be revised by [initials]" can determine the status of an experiment and define calls of action for both the Entry author and co-workers, and therefore serve as a tool to collaboratively work on Projects. By filtering for these custom dates and/or tags, you can quickly reduce the notebook view to the Entries you are looking for.

Tip: Manage the custom dates and tags of your Labfolder Group in Labregister Categories!

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