Enroll a Connector Box in Laboperator

Modified on Fri, 5 Jan at 2:06 PM

In order to enroll a Connector Box in Laboperator, it must first have access to the network and server in which the Laboperator application is hosted, as well as be provided with information that specifies the individual server endpoint of the Laboperator instance in which it should be enrolled.

  1. From the Server Administration dashboard, navigate to Connectors and download the Connector enrollment file via the download link.
  2. Copy this file to a FAT32-formatted USB stick and plug it into the Connector Box.
  3. Power on the connector box, and wait one minute to make sure the operating system is fully loaded.
  4. Navigate to the Collection in Laboperator in which you would like to enroll the Connector. Via the + ADD button, specify that you would like to add a new Connector. Note: it may be necessary to navigate back to the collection tree overview (via "< More") in order to access the + ADD button.
  5. Specify the 12-digit connector key (found on the bottom of the Connector Box or within the Virtual Connector application) and click CONNECT. Note: This must be done within 5 minutes of powering on the Connector Box. Please also ensure the correct Collection is specified to which the Connector should be added.
    1. In case the connector cannot be added successfully attempt the following in this order:
      1. Power cycle the Connector with the USB plugged in. After one minute, attempt to add the connector again.
      2. Confirm the correct enrollment file has been copied onto the USB stick. Each instance of Laboperator has a unique enrollment URL.
  6. After successfully enrollment of the connector box, the USB stick can be unplugged.

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